Custom typography, identity
and web design.

Logotype for a cleaning service
provider in Riga district.

Custom typography and identity for
a photographer Janis Kaugurs.

Logotype for an Ireland
based barber shop.

Calligraphy work and
calligraphic artworks.

Logotype for a local video news

Custom typography and logotype for
a Norwegian translation company.

Web design, identity and
photography for Tresais Vecums.

Personal projects —

Personal project —

Logo for an environmental education
project by youth NGO AIESEC Riga

Inspiration — few years ago I didn't know the power of this word. When I applied for graphic design studies, I thought I would learn to use different tools. Already during the first year of studies I started to do freelance work, and it was all about the way of communication with the client and later — how to communicate with an audience, that would see and use my designs.

Currently I work as web and graphic designer in Graftik. Previously I had nice experience as junior designer in the company called VCG. Before that I worked in AIESEC - youth NGO, and had two internships here in Riga — one as a graphic designer and second as a photographer.

My hobbies are quite similar to my occupation. I like to write calligraphy, taking part in different design contests, and I`m quite geeky when it comes to technologies and computers.



Riga, Latvia,
Eastern Europe

Ph.: +371 263 68 112