UX Online Resources: The Bookmark Reading List

2 Jan, 2022

The internet is filled with different UX designer online resources and books to check. Seems that every one of them offers some value and it’s hard to grasp which ones should be bookmarked and revisited as you work or even used as a daily tool.

Take a look at my list of resources, that I’m using every day in my daily work. My junior designers regularly ask for help and these are the links I like to share when them so they can strive further in their careers.

Project starters

UX Project Checklist

Checklist by Andrea Soverini compiles UX methods for different phases in projects. I have found myself a great number of new methods to try out in my work. You can see proposed phases for your UX project on the left side and multiple choices to tackle the problems on right. From Competitive Analysis and User Stories to Prototyping and A/B Testing. You can even find KPIs here, which is an amazing tool for every design or development team.


This is really a corporate resource and as you see there is a paywall in front. None or less business canvas is a really popular tool to validate new business ideas. That always helps UX designers to jump into new projects. Understand the business and how the value for customers is created or create a brand new for the idea your team has. This will let you shine with a deeper understanding of how business works and where to improve customer experience. And let’s not forget Value Proposition Canvas, which will help you to map out services and see how those are performing versus services or products that your company might be offering. Pivoting and adjusting might be crucial.

Refactoring UI

As the name states, this is about the user interface. Great book to follow along if you build anything for users out there. They not only give you the best tips in the industry on how to better structure your layouts but explain in great detail every piece of UI that you might come across. Explore the free content they offer and if you find it useful go for it and buy the book as well, you won’t regret it.

Figma Starter Templates

Most designers nowadays enjoy the ease of use of what Figma offers. I’m no different and I have found a great deal of help using Figma starter templates. You can find one for personas, journies, team meetings pretty much every piece that the user experience designer might be needing. Some of those are made by the Figma team and some by the community. You can choose the one that might feel more right and built upon that. No shame in that.