Thank you for dropping by! I’m Mārtiņš a digital product designer living and working remotely in Latvia for 10 years or more now. This tiny Eastern European country has a surprisingly fast internet connection and a great tech environment to work in.

My Story

I started with computers back in 7th grade, where I was designing button styles in Photoshop 7.0 and tried to recreate them in HTML and CSS. I never had any idea how much that would later influence my life and curiosity.

My first official designer job was at a local graphic design agency, where I came to learn about typography and layouts. While having a full-time position, I spent all my free time freelance and learning new things on the web. That later opened doors to shift fully into digital dragging my graphic design practice along.

Today I love to talk about customer journeys in different industries. I have found that helping others is my thing, and consulting in my free time inspires me. Remote setup has enabled this to happen more frequently and with less effort from every side.

Besides design and gaming, I love riding with motorcycle around local places. Finding great walking/driving spots has become my stress reliever.

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