Worator — Choose the Right Company Name

Landing page

The website offers to generate business names out of keywords. Later providing generated names together with custom design logo and domain name pricing.

The style used for Worator is simple with a light theme to let logos stand out and to give more focus on user controls.

Search filter active

Once keywords are entered system generates potential names with logos. Showcasing lots of variations and giving more whitespace to put emphasis on the logo and name.

Each step in the flow is representing trust elements and company names to make the service more reliable. Explanations and FAQ are included to further reassure users what are steps in the process of acquiring a name, logo, and domain.

Brand name profile

Brand name product page features name with the chosen domain. The description provides more explanation behind the logo and typeface choice. And a simple gallery to let users explore logo variations, with the potential to explore the use of mockups for logo showcase.

Logo and custom UI elements are structured into a simple UI kit, to support any quick changes later.